If you are visiting my website because you are contemplating making a change, looking for help for someone you love, or just out of curiosity, welcome! I hope you find something within to inspire positive change in you or your loved ones life.

I have been treating eating disorders in men, women and adolescents for many years. I have worked with people who are depressed, anxious, having problems in their relationships, suffering from traumas in their past, facing addictions and eating disorders, and finding they are dissatisfied with their life in any number of ways.

Creating positive change takes belief in yourself and others. Entering into treatment or therapy is a journey of self-exploration that can lead to healing and finding the power within to be the best you can be.

There our many things in our lives that diminish our power to create the best version of ourselves. These things can include (but are not limited to) avoidance of pain or negative feelings, daily stresses and anxiety, unhealthy relationships (including our relationship with food and body), physical problems, worry and fear of the future, feeling victimized by past events, emotional distress and the list goes on and on. When we are able to face our past and be present in the moment, we become more capable of creating the life we want to live.

If you feel ready to create positive change in your life I hope I can help guide you on your path to finding your power and creating the life you want to live.

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